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  • 1. David Guetta

    1. David Guetta

    When we track down David Guetta in Paris, he's already been told by his manager about his Top 100 victory. "I'm very happy of course, I was thinking it was going to be impossible for anybody to repla... More ...

    Moved Up 1 Since Last Year
  • 2. Armin van Buuren

    2. Armin van Buuren

    Dutch powerhouse DJ/producer and scene leader extraordinaire Armin van Buuren has historically been the highest performer in the Top 100 poll, holding onto the No.1 spot for an unprecedented four yea... More ...

    Moved Down 1 Since Last Year
  • 3. Tiësto

    3. Tiësto

    He won DJmag's Top 100 DJs poll three times in the early noughties (2002-4), but if anything, Tijs Verwest aka Tiësto is bigger than ever now. "The whole year has been one amazing highlight, everyth... More ...

    Non Mover Since Last Year
  • 4. Deadmau5

    4. Deadmau5

    Deadmau5 holds steady at No.4 in the poll this year, despite not campaigning whatsoever (and moaning on Twitter about others who did). But is it right that he appears at all? As he mentions below, "R... More ...

    Non Mover Since Last Year
  • 5. Above & Beyond

    5. Above & Beyond

    For Paavo Siljamäki, Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness, 2011 has been all about 'Group Therapy'. Which, of course, was the name of their second album (or third if you count 'Sirens Of The Sea' as Ocean... More ...

    Non Mover Since Last Year
  • 6. Avicii

    6. Avicii

    One of the big success stories of the last couple of years in dance music has been the unstoppable rise of Avicii. The Swedish house star may not be part of any mafia, but he is certainly well connec... More ...

    Moved Up 33 Since Last Year
  • 7. Afrojack

    7. Afrojack

    "Of course, it's been a fucking great year!" says Afrojack, aka Dutch producer Nick Van de Wall. "I think we can all agree on that! I mean, 'Take Over Control' started out as a dance track, and now i... More ...

    Moved Up 12 Since Last Year
  • 8. Dash Berlin

    8. Dash Berlin

    While the past few years have seen the polished productions of Dash Berlin take centre stage after the release of 'The New Daylight' album, the past 12 months have seen DJing become the focus. The 'U... More ...

    Moved Up 7 Since Last Year
  • 9. Markus Schulz

    9. Markus Schulz

    There's a whole greased-up machine behind the workings of a DJ like Markus Schulz, but thankfully it's not changed him one little bit. "It's always an honour and I always say it's the fans' chance to... More ...

    Moved Down 1 Since Last Year
  • 10. Swedish House Mafia

    10. Swedish House Mafia

    The notion of the 'supergroup' belongs with kaftans and interesting tricks with Mars bars in the antediluvian annals of rock music. Sure, there have been stellar studio-bound collaborations between t... More ...

    Moved Up 13 Since Last Year